Ringworm is an ongoing issue in wrestling and will not go away.  The biggest problems I have with ringworm are it will not go away unless treated, kids make bad decisions, and ringworm loves the wrestling environment.
I do my best to keep the wrestling environment clean and I am sure parents do their best to do laundry and have their children take showers.  I would rather focus on some practicals.

Firstly, there are few rules regarding ringworm:
1)  No scratching.  Scratching will cause infection and make an accurate diagnose impossible.
2)  No keeping ringworm a secret.  I need to know so I can keep the infected quarantined.  Parents need to know in order to buy ringworm cream.  Keeping ringworm a secret is sin against the wrestling team.
3)  Be paranoid.  Assume mosquito bites are ringworm and start using ringworm cream.

Ringworm generally appears on the exposed skin of the legs, arms, neck and head.  This includes the scalp.  Short hair will help with identifying ringworm on the scalp.  Occasionally a wrestler will get a haircut and discover he has a ringworm.  

Below is the ringworm cream.  It must have clotrimazole as its active ingredient.  Stronger creams are available with a prescription.  The stronger creams have a 2% active ingredient and work faster.  Wrestlers getting a ringworm on the scalp should see a doctor in order to get this stronger cream.  Some doctors will prescribe pills. 


Please do not hesitate to call me at 951-235-7600 if there are any questions.
Randy Geiger 
Head Coach


Below is a shampoo that will help prevent ringworm of the scalp.  "Head & Shoulders" is not the same thing.  This was $12.49 at CVS.

Below is a body wash to help teenagers with their acne.  Teenage wrestlers are especially vulnerable for ringworm.  A friend suggested this to me.  So, this year will be an experiment to see if this will help.  It was $5.99 at CVS.